What is it? 

The Olympic Games is a three week programme to get children active, creative and adventurous throughout the summer holidays. 

1-1 coaching - Coaches will deliver the same session to everyone to calculate results. 

Who we're working with?

3 weeks | ONLY £18.00. 

Step by step how it works

- Points will go towards a range of different daily activities 

- Leaderboard 

See your child's team work it way up the leaderboard.

Receive offers throughout the 'olympics'

(Invited to closing ceremony)

Step 1 - Register your team name/ childs name/ contact number

Step 2 - You will receive a phone call to organise your slot. 

Step 3 - Fantastic coaching session - scores will be recorded. 

Arts and Crafts 

Dance/ chant 

(+ Gallery)

Family videos 

Weekly update video