As a company we are always looking to expand and better our services. With this being said, we frequently find ourselves seeking external knowledge, opinion and wisdom as more often than not this shines an alternate light on the situation. 


After much consideration we have decided to implement this approach into our company at its core by creating the "TayPlay Parent Committee" which consists of a small number of current and past parents who can work together alongside TayPlay, providing an impartial opinion on the companies direction and approach to expansion as well as our services on a whole.


What will the committee do?


- TayPlay will approach the committee with company related queries and our thoughts on different subjects.

- The committee's decisions will have a direct impact on the direction TayPlay will take moving forward.

- Each member will individually express their opinion on the raised subjects, creating an impartial conclusion.

- Members of the committee will have an extended insight into what TayPlay has got planned and the way we approach our goal of providing the best services in the industry.