TayPlay Top-Up is a new payment service ran by TayPlay SPORT Ltd. From the success and popularity of our services, we want to make it easier for people to book their children onto our services but more importantly be able to afford them. 
TayPlay Top-Up is a monthly payment service which is split into four bands: 
Band 1 (£20 - £35)
Within this band you receive 48 hour priority booking.
Band 2 (£40 - £55)
Within this band you receive 48 hour priority booking.
Band 3 (£60 - £80)
Within this band you receive 48 hour priority booking and TayPlay SPORT Ltd branded Sunglasses
Band 4 (£90 +)
Within this band you receive 48 hour priority booking, TayPlay SPORT Ltd branded Sunglasses and hat.


TayPlay TOP-UP is designed specifically for parents to take away the stress of paying and booking TayPlay services.
* Choose your amount from the four bands 
* Choose your payment date 
* You will receive monthly payment reports 
* 48 hour priority booking (Through phone call)
* Be able to use TayPlay TOP-UP for any of our services anytime. 
* Monthly phone calls/ emails to make any ammendments to your account.
Please note: For every payment made into your account TayPlay TOP-UP will deduct a 5% fee. This fee will go towards band benefits, member gifts and promotions throughout the year. It will also act as an admin like fee.


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Please see our terms and conditions for TayPlay TOP-UP

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