Note: Parents will not be allowed entry inside any building which TayPlay delivers holiday camps. We would actively discourage you from gathering at the venue entrance and maintain an appropriate distance from those around you.

1. Follow social distancing guidelines

Following government guidelines, we will be operating in groups of up to 15 children, each group being led by the same coach throughout the week, and separate from other groups. We have reduced the number of children, and incorporated Covid-adapted activities, staggered break-times, and a focus of being outdoors as much as possible.

2. Operate higher levels of hygiene

Children will be required to sanitise their hands when they arrive and be reminded to wash their hands throughout the day, not just when using the bathroom. Parents should pack hand sanitiser and tissues for their children. We will undertake regular cleaning of high-touch points and equipment.

3 .Provide specific supervision

We want to ensure that everyone is able to have fun in a safe environment, so our staff will supervise hand-washing, monitor children for signs of infection and make sure that we’re complying with the latest government guidance.


Good hygiene and handwashing practises

Children will wash their hands very regularly with hand sanitiser available at any point. We also ask that parents make sure children’s lunches are possible for them to open themselves to reduce delays for the child. We will also continue to teach the “catch it, kill it, bin it” approach.

Screening for symptoms

Children will be asked some screening questions before entering the camp to ensure they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms. If we think your child has any COVID-19 symptoms we will not be able to allow entry and will give further advice.

Bubble System

The children will be seperated into two bubbles. The bubbles will not mix, even at play time and lunch, nor will the coaches from each bubble mix.

Will the children socially distance?

Our aim is to support the children’s learning of good hygiene practices and to encourage children to not make contact with each other physically. Our sessions and activities will be designed to remove these risks, with distanced spacing in large spaces (outside, in the sports hall or main halls). Further, outdoors will be utilised for all activities if possible, equipment will be regularly cleaned and activities altered to reduce mixing of equipment or contact. Each bubble will have their own equipment which will not be used by the other bubble on site.

What does my child/children need to bring?

Your child/ children will need to bring: - A clean water bottle. - A disposable bag with lunch inside. - Clean comfortable footwear which can be used for physical activities. -Clean set of spare clothes incase of accidents.

What do we ask from parents?

All we ask of parents is to; Not bring your child with any COVID-19 symptoms Make sure they have all the items listed above Keep a 2m social distance during pick up and drop off Follow our one way system during pick up and drop off Have patience, please expect the registration in the morning to take a little longer than normal and please arrive at your designated arrival time. We will send staggered arrival times before the camp week starts.

Altered Activities

Every activity has been reviewed and if needed will be modified to reduce contact and mixing. We will aim to be outside as much as possible and only use large open spaces.

Extensive Cleaning

We will clean equipment pre and post activities, with a deep clean each day of key areas.

What happens if someone develops symptoms?

We will isolate the child if they develop symptoms in a secure area with a coach either keeping a 2m distance or wearing full PPE. We will then give the parent further guidance on what to do and how to be tested. If a child who attends the camps tests positive for COVID-19 we will be forced to follow our closure procedures and everyone within the bubble will need to self isolate for 14 days, including staff. Full guidance will be given for every parent with close help and advice from the government agencies.

I have made a booking for summer, but what happens if my camp can’t go ahead due to Covid-19?

If we (TayPlay) have to cancel the camp this summer, you will be entitled to a full refund or credit note. We will email you regarding the cancellation and include details of how to claim your refund.














Tax Free







We are registered





​What time should I drop off /pick up my child at a camp?

​Our Multi-Activity camps hours are 9.30am to 4.30pm. Although you can send your child to Early Birds (8.30am) or Evening Eagles (5.30pm) for no extra cost. Please take a look at our recent Covid-19 announcement on this.


​Will you provide lunch for my child?

No. Children should bring a packed lunch and snacks for morning and afternoon breaks, in addition to a refillable drink bottle with their name on it. Please note that we have a no nuts policy on camp.

What should my child wear?

​Every child should wear appropriate clothing for outdoor activities, shorts if the weather is good, and ideally every child should have 2 pairs of footwear, one for inside and one for outside if the weather is bad.

Will you provide drinks and snacks?

Yes, we do have a tuck shop on our holiday camps (Max £1.50). However, you are welcome to provide your child/children with their own. Please take a look at our recent Covid-19 announcement on this.

​Will you provide sun cream?

No, we cannot apply sun screen to children. Please send the appropriate factor with your child and we will remind them throughout the day to apply it.

Can I contact my child?

If you need to contact your child whilst on camp, please call us on 07546 116004 and we’ll contact the Site Manager directly on your behalf.

How do I claim lost property?

Please label clothing, drinks bottles and lunch boxes. We leave all lost property with the venue so it easy for you to collect.

Will my child be grouped with friends?

Many children arrive not knowing other children and part of attending TayPlay is developing new friendships. However, we do our best accommodate friend requests made at the point of booking, prior to arriving on camp. This isn’t always possible due to camp numbers and ratios. Movement between groups after the start of camp will be restricted due to our COVID-19 policies.

Can my child choose the activities they do on camp?

TayPlay prides itself on delivering the best Multi-Activity Camps. We provide a range of different activities at once which children can pick and choose from. Please take a look at our recent Covid-19 announcement on this.

What about outdoor activities?

We’ll be outside as much as weather permits. Please ensure your child has clothing and shoes for both indoor and outdoor activities.

What age does my child need to be?

As TayPlay are Ofsted registered, children have to be in Year One to attend our Multi-Activity Camps. Our camps are suitable for children in Year 1 - Year 6.

How do you select your staff?

All of our TayPlay Team undergo a thorough selection and preparation process including:
– Interview
– Professional and personal reference checks
– Registration and clearance with the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS)
– Online training courses
– In-person induction
– On-the-job mentoring
– Performance evaluations and scoring

TayPlay SPORT Parent Information includes all the essential information and forms for our activities and camps. 

Please download and read the following documents:

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