Early Birds and Evening Eagles

TayPlay SPORT offers 'Early-Birds' (8.30-9.30) and 'Evening Eagles' (4.30-5.30) which is an opportunity for parents to drop off and pick up their children. Ideal for parents who go to work early and finish work late. 


Your child can access Early Birds and Evening Eagles for FREE if they attend our camp for three days or more. 

£2.50 for individual session.

Nature Rangers/ Explorers Scheme

We believe that learning through nature is important for a child's development. On TayPlay SPORT Camps children explore wildlife with our Nature Explorer/ Rangers Scheme. We provide different nature activities which will increase confidence, self esteem and will make an impact to wildlife and the outdoors. 

Inflatables/ NERF UNITE

We have a range of different big inflatables on our summer camp! Including a inflatable dartboard and inflatable assault courses. 

We also deliver a NERF Royale at our summer camp. This will entail children hiding behind hay barrels, small buildings and playing capture the flag like games.

Arts and Crafts

We have a Arts & Crafts Co-ordinator on all our camps who delivers a range of different arts and crafts activities based on our theme of the week. All our arts and crafts activities are very different and are suitable for all ages.

Any questions/ enquiries please contact:    Email -     Tel - 07913903815

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