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TayPlay supports a wide range of different charities and community organisations:

PACE is a charity based in Loughborough with a stated aim to help people become fully integrated into the community. PACE does this by identifying and relieving their needs, providing the facilities and resources to bring about positive change and enhance their general quality of life, thus enabling them to make a positive contribution in return.

PACE runs a number of projects and initiatives, including most recently Project 19, which is specifically designed to support the elderly, the vulnerable, the excluded and those who have fallen into hardship as a result of the COVID-19 virus. This includes providing food, combating isolation and loneliness providing free at the point of delivery qualified counselling via phone or video call (eg Facetime/Whatsapp).

For more information visit www.paceuk.org.uk


New Springs City Church is an independent pentecostal church with locations in Loughborough, Bucknall and Sunderland. 

In Loughborough the church operates out of a converted industrial unit near to the town centre, and features a large variety of rooms and areas available to hire throughout the week. There is a cafe along with commercial kitchen facilities. The church features its own radio studio - broadcasting Radio New Springs station over the internet. 

The church currently does not meet at the facility due to the current lockdown, however church services are broadcast Sunday mornings at 10.30am through www.radionewsprings.com and via the Zoom app. Other services throughout the week air on Radio New Springs daily along with the normal daily radio programmes.

For more information visit www.newsprings.org.uk