Established in 2017, TayPlay SPORT is a growing education and childcare company which specialises in sports coaching for children aged between 5-11 years of age. We are passionate to coach in a safe learning environment and promise to stand by our three main values.  We provide experienced, specialist sports coaches to deliver high quality services around​ the East Midlands.


'A different approach to teaching'


TayPlay SPORT ensures that sessions are active and participants are always moving. We hate standing in lines waiting for a turn.. we are constantly on the move!!


Everything we do is based around having fun. If we're not having fun, neither are you! We ensure that all sessions are fun and enjoyable for all.


There is nothing worse than being left out. TayPlay SPORT ensures that all needs are met and all sessions are inclusive and suited to everyone's ability. 


TayPlay has a different approach to teaching, we ensure that all of our sessions are FUN, ACTIVE and INCLUSIVE. When planning our sessions the number one thing we think about is - 'if I was a child participating, would I enjoy this session?'. This is why everything in our organisation is geared towards excellence.

The TayPlay team are fun and enthusiastic and all work within Primary Schools. We currently have 100% Positive Feedback from our services including: Term Time Teaching, Holiday Camps, Events and Parties.


Our story begins with a blossoming friendship. Directors Harry and Jack met accidently in their first year of University and instantly bonded. A short conversation about future career goals turned into a seven hour discussion, which ended in the creation of TayPlay SPORT Ltd. Over the year they worked together from different ends of the country (Loughborough and Cheshire). Which led to the development of TayPlay SPORT, a well known and high quality childcare company.

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